Rory More's orbiting worlds are many and varied; comprising vaguely graspable moments found in dusty canisters of celluloid languishing half-forgotten in a Cinecitta editing suite...

For the past decade or so Rory More has been keeping a medium-cool profile, cultivating a sound curiously seductive and unapologetically magically mood mondo, a man completely ensconced within a uniquely niched jazz pop panoramica. His sounds are those of the nightclub organist swinger par excellence grooving on a riff in an L-shaped room, holding court at a hip gathering at the perfect modernist mad-pad, or soundtracking the two-seater roadster, high up on the sun-drenched Riviera coast road.

It all began with the uber organtastic loungsters Les Hommes - the retro moderne jazz exotica trio who swung their way around much of Europe in the early 2000s. Since then, Rory More has dug his own particular path through swingdom producing and releasing a superb series of solidly collectible 12s and 45s, mixing with the below-the-radar in-crowd and becoming the organist of choice for top international acts.

Fast forward to recent times and you'll find him pared with Rumer in the startlingly luscious sunshine folk-jazz-pop combo Stereo Venus - an aching paean of a group to the long lost days of west coast super melodic grooves.

2014 sees the release of the Rory More long player Looking for Lazlo - a concept album of sorts made up of lilting, gloriously sweeping songs, lush orchestral epithets and footnotes - all featuring a wide array of vintage sonics and More's trademark dusty organ sonorities.